Jennifer Leigh

I’ve worked with EFC Developments on various projects, including the marketing campaign for YYD Aviation Landing. The campaign involved the design and development of, site plan drawings, print campaign, site signage, and Powerpoint presentation.

Jennifer Holt has been working with EFC Developments as a freelance web and graphic designer since October 2016. During this time, she has completed a variety of projects for print, presentation and web. Most notably was the creation of our YYD Aviation Landing marketing campaign, which included a website, site signage, site plans, pop-up banner design, PowerPoint presentation and various print materials. We continue to use Jennifer for our marketing efforts.  Throughout, Jennifer has demonstrated her ability as a creative, dependable and professional designer. She is well verse in both design and technology, with a high quality of work and attention to detail.

John Groothius, General Manager
EFC Developments